MU Group| Mr. Ye Guofu, founder of MINISO visit our company

MUGroup 2021-09-18

On Sep. 18, 2021, Mr Ye Guofu, founder of MINISO, together with his senior executive team, visited our company. At the same time, Mr. Tang Yihu, Luo Xuping and MU group leaders warmly welcomed the guests.

In the morning, Mr. Ye visited the Exhibition Halls of Chuangke and Binjiang. Then, Mr. Luo accompanied guests to the meeting room on the 12th floor for further discussion in the afternoon.

During this meeting, Mr. Luo made a brief introduction to the basic situation, development course, as well as the business layout of MU group. Afterwards, the leaders of MINISO discussed with MU Group on the matter of the US market, product development, logistics, warehousing, quality testing, packaging optimization and related issues. Since 2017, MU Group has conducted in-depth strategic cooperation with MINISO, providing it with supply chain services from product design and development to sourcing. Actually, it is one of the few trading companies of MINISO’ suppliers.

Mr. Ye issued that although foreign stores have been greatly affected by the epidemic overseas, MINISO will still accelerate its pace of opening stores abroad. MU group has rich experience in cooperating with mainstream retailers in Europe and the United States. We hope to increase exchanges and cooperation between both sides and have more cooperation on the development of stores.


Mr. Tang also said that MU group has rich experience and practice in fast fashion consumer products, and has keen judgment and foresight on the market, which can help the smooth cooperation between the two parties. After an overall review of the contents of the talks, the visit soon came to an end.


MINISO, a collection store that "Young People Likes", including TOPTOY, its first independent new brand started by Mr. Ye Guofu, a young Chinese entrepreneur, headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in 2013. In the year of 2020, the brand is endowed with a richer meaning.


On Oct. 15, MINISO officially went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MNSO. As of Dec. 31, 2020, MINISO has built a retail network of more than 4,500 stores in nearly 90 countries and regions worldwide, including over 2,700 stores in China and 1,700 stores overseas. Since 2020, MINISO has kept deepening its omnichannel layout and further expanding its ecommerce ways. Together with official programs and third-party platforms, it forms complementary advantages with offline store channels, maximizes consumers' whole process shopping experience, as well as effectively enhances consumers' stickiness and buyback rate.


Benefited from offline and online expansion, MINISO has continued to expand its user base and private data set pool, the number of consumer members approaching 28 million by the deadline of Dec. 31, 2020.