MU News | Yiwu Warehouse Reached a New High of Cargo Throughput

MUGroup 2023-07-04

Recently, according to the latest statistics in June, the monthly cargo throughput of Yiwu warehouse reached 68,676 m³, setting a new historical record. The previous record was 63,047 m³ in September 2022. Considering the challenging macro environment with weak external demand and export pressure, this impressive number is a heartening news for our colleagues, suppliers, and overseas customers!

In June, as temperatures soared, the warehouse became a bustling scene. Strong Rong, the Senior Manager in logistics department who joined MU Group in May 2005, has been working tirelessly in the transportation field. He mentioned, “Compared to the same period in previous years or the first few months of this year, I felt that the warehouse operation pressure was indeed greater in June. However, the final data proved that everyone’s hard work paid off!” 

In the past few days, Yiwu experienced consecutive days with temperatures exceeding 35°C, but our warehouse staff braved the scorching sun and heat to ensure that goods were loaded into containers in the shortest possible time. They then used various transportation methods such as road, rail and sea-rail intermodal transport to deliver the goods to the port of shipment, finally into the hands of customers as soon as possible.

Zac Mao, the Director Manager of Operation Division, has always been closely monitoring the warehouse’s inbound and outbound data. He believes, “Based on historical data, the peak shipment volume is usually concentrated around August or September. For example, MU Group’s monthly shipment value exceeded 100 million US dollars on September 28, 2021, which was designated as ‘Breaking 100 Million Day’. Although the peak shipment volume in the warehouse does not necessarily correspond to the peak shipment value due to price differences among different products, it is definitely a good sign!”

MU Group has two warehouses in Yiwu, namely Global Logistic Properties and Highway Port. Both warehouses operate on a “receipt + storage + delivery” integrated model, with a total area of over 23,000 square meters. They are equipped with full-time staff of 24 and a professional loading and unloading team of nearly a hundred people. This efficient logistics operation system supports the thriving business growth.

The number “68676” encapsulates the daily efforts and contributions of staff in various positions such as salesman, procurement, documentation, and logistics. It also vividly reflects our colleagues’ commitment to putting customers first and creating value for them. 

Just as port throughput has always been seen as an important indicator of trade prosperity, it is believed that the historical peak of monthly warehouse throughput will also herald a new height of business prosperity and development at the Yiwu operation center!