MU News | Honored as Double Top 10 of Ningbo Foreign Trade

MUGroup 2023-07-17

On the morning of July 14th, the Ningbo Conference on High-Quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry & Awarding Conference for Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2022 was held. The officially released list, known as the "Ningbo Economic Oscars", includes 50 rankings, and MU Group has made it to the "2022 Ningbo Double Top 10 of Foreign Trade Enterprises" list.

In 2022, MU Group adopted multiple measures to effectively cope with the challenges brought by multiple outbreaks of COVID-19 epidemic and the complex global environment on export trade. The total import and export volume for the year exceeded 1.3 billion dollars, achieving growth against the trend.

Externally, MU Group make every effort to secure orders and expand markets, organizing activities such as "Hundred-Day Battle" and "Hundred-Group Battle, Engaging a Thousand Cities". We deeply penetrate overseas markets, actively capture new trends, new demands, and new orders in foreign trade, and send out positive signals. Internally, we consistently adhere to the "group-wide recruitment" strategy, actively promote employment stability. Last year, we recruited more than 1,200 people, including over 600 campus recruits and over 500 social recruits, which promoted the vigorous development of our business through the supply of excellent talent.

At the same time, in response to the impact of decentralization and cross-border e-commerce on traditional trade, MU Group has also vigorously established its presence on online B2B platforms such as Alibaba International Station, China Manufacturing Network, and Global Resources. We also develop cross-border outbound businesses for 2C platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and TikTok, accelerating the integration of traditional foreign trade both online and offline, as well as the digital transformation.

Since 2006, Ningbo has released the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ranking for 17 consecutive years, witnessing the transformation of the manufacturing and service industries in Ningbo from big to strong. This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of MU Group.