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MU Group is one of the professional Kitchenware manufacturer in China. We will become your trusted partner with reliable product quality and excellent customer service. The company has a professional R&D team with strong technical force and rich experience.

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Household item

Household item manufacturer in China - Household item is a term used to describe any object that is used in the daily lives of people. These objects can be small, like a pen or a pencil, or they can be larger, like a refrigerator or a stove. Household items can be used for many different things, such as writing notes or cooking food.

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Health & Medical

Health and Medical supplies manufacturer in China - The best way to ensure you have the medical supplies and equipment you need when a disaster strikes is to stockpile them in advance. Supplies can be purchased at stores, or, if you have the space, you can store them in your home.

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Home Textile

Home Textile manufacturer in China - Home textile production has been increasing over the years as more people have turned to homemade clothing and accessories as an affordable and eco-friendly solution to their wardrobe needs. From cotton fabrics to woolen sweaters, there are many different types of fabric that can be produced at home.

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Bathroom supplies are an important part of any home. Not only do they make it easier for you to get ready in the morning, but they can also make your bathroom look nicer.

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Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty and Personal Care supplies are essential for everyday hygiene and ensuring a pleasant appearance. Whether you are trying to achieve a specific look or just want to feel better overall, there is a personal care product that will fit your needs.

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Timepieces, jewelry and other accessories have been around for centuries. They are often seen as symbols of luxury and status. Jewels and watches can be beautiful and intricate pieces of art, or functional tools that tell time.

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Eyewear is a necessity for many people. It can protect your eyes from the sun and other harmful UV rays. It can also improve your vision. There are many types of eyewear, and it can be hard to decide which one to buy.

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Apparel & Shoes

As people continue to search for new and innovative ways to express themselves, apparel has become an increasingly popular way to do so. From trendy clothing to comfortable clothes that can be worn all day long, there is a lot of variety when it comes to apparel.

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Baby Supplies & Products

Baby Feeding Supplies, Baby Daily Necessities, Baby Toys, Maternal Supplies - Are you considering buying baby supplies but don't know where to start? Here are some essential items you'll need for your new arrival: Baby Feeding Supplies, Baby Daily Necessities, Baby Toys, Maternal Supplies. Once you have these essentials, you can start shopping for other items such as a stroller, car seat, and playpen.

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Fabric & Textile Raw Material

Fabric, Fiber, Yarn, Other Textile Raw Material... - Fabric and textile raw material are essential for the production of clothing, draperies, and other textiles. The most common fabrics and textiles are made from cotton, polyester, wool, silk, linen, and rayon. Raw materials vary in price and quality, but they all have one thing in common: they must be processed to create finished products.

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Luggage, Bags & Cases

Luggages, Bags...

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Electrical Equipment

Lights & Lighting, Mobile Phone, Computer & Other Electric Products, TV,Telephone & Accessories, Electronic Safety Protection Products, Other Electric Supplies...

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Tools & Hardware

Measuring & Gauging Tools, Abrasive Tools, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Tool Sets, Hardware, Material Handing Tools...

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Car accessories

Automobile Accessories, Bicycle Accessories, Vehicle Cleaning Supplies, Road Warning Supplies...

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Greenhouse, Artificial Plant, Garden Decoration, Other Garden Supplies...

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Fishing Supplies、BBQ Supplies、Outdoor Supplies、Travel Supplies

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Sports & Entertainment

Indoor/Outdoor Sports, Water Sports, Sports Safety Supplies...

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Office & School Supplies

Pens, Painting Tools, Teaching Stationery, Stationery Sets, File Storage...

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Toys & Hobbies

Plush toys, DIY Education Toys, Dools & Accessories, Drive Toys, Game Toys, Vehicle Toys...

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Pet Products

Pet Food Supplies, Pet Products, Pet Clothes, Pet Toys, Pet Cleaning & Grooming Products...

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Candle Supplies, Picture Frames, Weaving and Rattan Iron Crafts, Handicraft Ornaments Pendant...

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Festival & Party Supplies

Christmas, Halloween, Easter Day, Valentine's Day, Holiday Supplies, Party Supplies...

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Packaging & Printing

Paper items, Paper Packaging...

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