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Ningbo Bright Max Co., Ltd. is committed to unlocking the extraordinary potential of lighting and strives to create "Brighter Lives and Better Homes".


Established in 2011, Ningbo Bright Max Co., Ltd. (Bright Max), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MU Group. It is a leading global supplier in the LED lighting industry, and one of the largest Led lighting suppliers and service providers in Shanghai and Ningbo.


Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily. Over the past ten years, Bright Max has focused on the Led lighting industry and has constantly provided customers in more than 20 countries, mainly Europe and the United States, with products of cutting-edge quality and novel design as well as lean services. We firmly believe that our product system and service standards can bring value and success to our customers as our ability to innovate rises unceasingly. 


Our value philosophy: We create value for our customers and always put them first. Our main products are working lights and flashlights of high lumen, and high-quality under the brand  that can glitter your life; we also provide garden solar lights, home decoration lights, and festival lights under the green environmental protection brand  that can beautify your home.


Bright Max always strives for perfection in design, mold opening, production, packaging, transportation, and other aspects, innovating design, meanwhile optimizing every link of product manufacturing and marketing. In terms of product quality monitoring, we have TUV-level quality control and monitoring laboratories, professional quality control engineers, and stringent quality monitoring mechanisms to control all details and quality of products from design, raw material procurement, manufacturing to final shipment and transportation, so as to ensure that our quality is maintained at a consistently high level.


We wholeheartedly provide high-quality product solutions and the sincerest service to every customer who is interested in our products and services.


Address: 11F, MU Group, Building B16 (West Area), No.2560 Yongjiang Avenue, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China. 315048

Tel: 00862160195913 

E-mail: sales@bright-max.com.cn


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