Ningbo General Union Co., Ltd. (General Union) was established on September 1, 2007. 


With more than 700 employees, the annual export volume of General Union is about 430 million US dollars in 2022. General Union covers 100 countries and regions such as Europe, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Japan, Korea, and Latin America. the company possesses 4 subsidiaries, 7 divisions, and 2 factories which are focus on jewelry and stationery.


The company currently has more 10 professional product lines, each equipped with professional product managers and sales. We input enormous efforts in providing professional and fashionable products in the kitchen, storage, cleaning, outdoor furniture, beauty, electronics, toys, paper products, stationery, and other specialized product lines and product supply chains. That is where our biggest core competitiveness comes from—professional business teams and continuously optimized supply chains.


General Union is the second subsidiary of Market Union (MU Group).


Address: 15F, MU Group, Building B16 (West Area), No.2560 Yongjiang Avenue, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China. 315048

Tel: 008657427833712 



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