The history of the limited liability market alliance (1931) can be traced back to 1931 (Shanghai). As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Woodworking Group with a glorious history of 18 years, Shanghai Value Chain Management Company was reorganized in 2017 to promote the export of Asian manufacturing to the West. It has become one of the leading consumer goods procurement and design enterprises in Asia.


We provide high-quality design, packaging, production planning and management solutions for hundreds of leading brands, supermarkets, department stores, network organizations, advertising and marketing companies and other professional customers in Europe, the United States and other countries, and convert customers' ideas into feasible production plans.


Our products include outdoor products, home accessories, lamps, kitchen appliances, gifts and uniforms. Product inspection and acceptance shall be carried out in strict accordance with international standards. We also work closely with SGS, BV, ITS and other authoritative third-party evaluation agencies to complete product safety testing and certification according to relevant national and global standards.


We are committed to promoting, producing and using sustainable materials. Market Alliance (1931) passed the relevant third-party tests and obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, FSC and other certifications.


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