MU insights | Guide to obtaining your Chinese business Visa and buyer badge for the 135th Canton Fair

As the 135th Canton Fair draws near, attendees must ensure they have secured their invitation letter and Chinese visa for seamless entry into China and participation in this prestigious trade event. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps to obtain your Chinese Business Visa, an essential requirement for attending the Canton Fair.

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Obtaining the invitation letter

Before applying for your Chinese visa, you’ll need to obtain an invitation letter from the Canton Fair. This letter serves as official documentation of your invitation to the trade fair and is crucial for your visa application.

Firstly, go to, then you’ll find “Apply for invitation letters” button on the homepage. Here is where you can apply for your invitation letters. Click on this, and after entering it, choose to register for a new account if you haven’t attended the Canton Fair before.

Next, fill in all the information based on your real situation. After providing it, just to quickly verify your email, then come back to login with the same information that you just set up.

Now assuming that you haven’t been to the Canton Fair before so you’re probably not going to have a buyer badge yet, click “NO” and go ahead to apply for invitation letters. When you do this it’s going to ask you to pre-apply for a buyer badge, then click to apply for this to actually get the badge.

For getting invitation letter, the key is to create a company and then create a person within the company that you created, and then you can get the pre-approal for the buyer badge of the person that works for the company. After having done all the necessary information, go ahead and confirm to “Create a company” then “Submit” it. Next, go back to the homepage and once again click on “Apply for invitation letters.” Don’t forget to fill out personal information. Do this first then continue to apply.

However, when you enter, you’ll find this prompt saying “Application for invitation letter is only available after application for Buyers Badge has been made.” So come back again to do the “Pre-application for Buyers Badge.” Once you have completed all the filling with real information, you’ll find that your auditing status has changed to “To be accepted.” That means now you can apply again for the invitation letter. At this point, all preparations are complete. Just click “Browse” to check the invitation letter from the Canton Fair official. Don’t forget to print it out to take with you.

What is Buyer E-service Tool?

Buyer E-service Tool (BEST) is an essential online platform provided by the Canton Fair to facilitate the registration and management of buyer attendees. As an integral part of the Canton Fair’s digital services, BEST offers a convenient and efficient way for buyers to apply for invitation letters, pre-register for buyer badges, and access various fair-related resources.

Key features of BEST include:

  • Invitation Letter Application: Through BEST, buyers can easily apply for invitation letters required for obtaining Chinese visas. The platform streamlines the application process, allowing users to input their personal and company information and receive invitation letters promptly.
  • Buyer Badge Pre-registration: BEST enables buyers to pre-register for their buyer badges before attending the Canton Fair. By completing this step online, buyers can save time and avoid long queues at the fairgrounds during registration.
  • Access to Fair Information: BEST provides access to important information about the Canton Fair, including exhibition schedules, venue maps, exhibitor lists, and event updates. Buyers can stay informed about upcoming sessions, seminars, and special events happening during the fair.
  • Communication Tools: BEST offers communication tools that facilitate interaction between buyers and exhibitors. Users can search for specific products or suppliers, send inquiries, schedule meetings, and arrange appointments directly through the platform.

Overall, Buyer E-service Tool (BEST) is a user-friendly and comprehensive platform designed to enhance the buyer experience at the Canton Fair. By leveraging its features, buyers can efficiently prepare for their visit, maximize their time at the fair, and make valuable connections with suppliers from around the world.

Applying for the Chinese Business Visa (M-Visa)

With the invitation letter, you can go to “” to apply for your Chinese Business Visa. This is the official travel service of the Canton Fair.

The Chinese Business Visa, also known as the M-Visa, is a type of visa issued to individuals traveling to China for business purposes. It allows holders to engage in various business-related activities, including attending trade fairs, conferences, meetings, and conducting market research.

Firstly, click on “China Visa” at the top and that will take you to next page. Here you’ll find all the information that you need to apply for your visa. You can actually email these folks and they will help you get your visa processed. And your visa category is going to be M-Visa for business, so what you need to prepare is all here as the last following picture shows.

The thoughtful Canton Fair official has already prepared all of the information on the invitation letter. So all you need is that letter as well as your passport. And it must be at least six months before the expiration with at least two blank visa pages. Then you can email these folks for your Visa Application Form. After you submit everything, you’ll be able to re-enter China for up to 10 years utilizing the visa. According to the Buyer’s Guide, you can also go to your local Chinese Embassy for applying for the visa if there’s one near you. But sometimes “ww1.ctshk.comth” is online China Visa Services are more easier to work with because they have a representative that regularly coordinates with the embassy, so they can take care of all of that for you instead of you going and trying to do that.

Finalizing Travel Arrangements

After receiving your Chinese Business Visa, it’s essential to finalize your travel arrangements for your trip to Guangzhou. Book your flights and accommodation well in advance to secure the best deals and ensure a smooth travel experience.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with local transportation options and plan your itinerary for the duration of the Canton Fair. Consider downloading essential apps for navigating China, such as maps, translation tools, and transportation apps, to enhance your travel experience.

In the Canton Fair Complex, in addition to our 100-plus booths, there is also an exhibition hall located at Westin Hotel. Our 3000-square-meter showroom in Canton Fair Complex, showcasing a wide range of product categories such as kitchenware, home appliances, bathroom products, toys, lights, electrical appliances, storage, tools, personal care, beauty storage and so on. Visitors to the exhibition hall can enjoy complimentary afternoon tea, access to meeting rooms, and professional assistance from our sales representatives.

In conclusion, obtaining your Chinese Business Visa for the 135th Canton Fair is a straightforward process that requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on a successful business trip to Guangzhou and make the most of your experience at the world-renowned trade fair.

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