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How are board games manufactured

Still recalling the olden times when you played chess with your grandpa in your younger years? Well, fret not, as board games always rise to the top and are always ‘in’ things to enjoy in your times. Broad game demands rose mainly after the global lockdown, during which people were bound indoors. Though these games are quite popular, most people never consider how they are manufactured. 

As precisely cut and made board game parts may look, they are made through a meticulous process that involves intense measurements and planning. The whole process begins with creating a concept that leads to the assimilation of the game items and every component that draws up the game layout, and hence, as a result, a board game comes into existence. 

If you are thinking about how board games are brought to life, maybe you need a proper guide to walk you through each step provided by board game manufacturer. The finished product of this process should meet the different needs of the audience based on interests, demographics, style, and desired level of competition. After all, these games are there to bring in competition and influence people’s minds. Here is how board games are made from step one to the very last:

Design concept

Without a design, you can’t move ahead into creating board games. The very first and most important factor to think of when you are designing board games is to think about the design. This step involves developing different design factors, including your game’s material, layout, and dynamics. Decide on the material you want to construct the board game. Also, consider the important branding elements you wish to include in your final project. These guidelines will offer you a boundary to stay within while designing your game.

Paper cutting

As all board games come with different designs and patterns, you might spend a lot of time cutting paper. There are often tiny parts of the board game design that must be pasted over the board to let the design come out completely. This step is to cut out the paper and put it in the order you want the design. This is an intricate step; you should be careful when carrying it out. 


This is a part that all board games have to go through. It is the most basic and also one of the most crucial parts of making your own board game. You must print out the images and text on the packaging. You should also add a logo to make it a branded board game. You can use different printing methods to bring out the design that you have in mind. You can choose if you are going for a drinking board game or a two-player board game for which you will need different printing. 

Component production

If your board games include multiple pieces, you must plan extensively for this step. Most games come with miniature pieces that should be designed and manufactured as a part of the production process. You can have the 3D printing machine do this part for you or make your items through injection molding. In this step, the factory makes a wax sculpture and then uses it to create the mold.


The custom board games and tiny components like cards, chips, and manuals are assembled in product packaging through this step. Once you carry out the next step, your board game will be ready for distribution. You can conduct the necessary quality checks and ensure everything follows your plan. 


Inspection is also one of the most important parts of creating board games. This step will let you detect any errors and missing designs you may have caused during previous steps. You should carry out extra checks to ensure everything is according to plan and your board game doesn’t have a loose end that can affect your sales and how much its audience likes playing it. When you launch for the first time, you don’t want to have errors that can be a setback for your board game business. 


Packaging again plays a huge role in deciding how well your board game will be welcomed in the market of board games. The game’s packaging should be exactly as exciting as your game is, and it should depict all the factors linked to it. Everything should be thought out and planned perfectly, from designing the packaging to picking the right material. Packaging can impact your buyer’s decision about buying the game and affect your sales. Pick the right colors, suitable patterns, and perfectly right elements that make your board game look fun on the outside. 


Board games are mostly palletized or floor-loaded; manufacturers hand them off to freight forwarders. Shipping your board games, dealing with the customs, and finally getting the game to a fulfilment center may be complicated and highly abstract. This part can get challenging if you don’t have a sound idea of how freight works.

We can be your supplier to help you reach the most distant players of your board games. We will get the best shipping and delivery methods for you and give you the perfect estimated price at the onset of your projects so that there aren’t any surprises at the end. 


The journey from concept to consumer in the board game manufacturing process is intricate, requiring a deep understanding of design, production, quality assurance, and logistics. This is where MU Group stands out as your ideal partner. With our status as one of the largest self-operating export groups in Zhejiang Province, boasting an export total of $1.5 billion in 2023, a dedicated workforce of 3200, and extensive office and warehouse facilities spanning over 250,000 square meters, we are not just equipped; we are primed to handle every facet of your board game’s journey.

Our core business has always revolved around aiding Western clients in navigating the complexities of sourcing and product management in Asia. Catering to a diverse clientele, including major global retailers, renowned brands, Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller retailers, brands, importers, e-commerce platforms, social media influencers, and live sellers on platforms like TikTok, we offer a fragmented, flexible procurement service. Over the past two decades, we have nurtured excellent cooperative relationships with over 10,000 clients across more than 200 countries and regions, delivering services that span digital transformation, market research, data analysis, product development and design, procurement services and management, packaging design, product testing and quality control, international logistics coordination, procurement financing, and after-sales support. If you aspire to elevate your board games business to new heights, entrust MU Group with the task.

We are committed to ensuring that your venture into the board games market is not just successful but also seamless, enhancing your products’ reach and impact without compromising on quality or innovation.

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