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MU insights | How to choose solar street light

How to choose solar street light

Sun has always been an integral part of human lives and their nutrition. Human beings have found many different ways to use sunlight for their benefit and to make their lives easier. One similar thing is the use of solar street lights. Solar lights have been a great addition to human lives and have given them more control over how they do their business outdoors when the sun is down, and no electricity-powered light is accessible. 

Solar-powered street lights have been a great lifesaver for most people when outdoor lighting wasn’t there to help them. People also wonder what areas solar lights can work in, such as areas where the sun isn’t that visible. If you need to install solar lights on your property, this article can guide you through all the different aspects of picking the ideal fit for your needs. Here are some things you must consider before purchasing solar streetlights. 

8 Things You Should Consider Before Making A Decision 

Being a newbie in the world of solar-powered street lights can make you dizzy with the number of options available to pick from and the number of features these lights offer that are hard to comprehend for a new person. These considerations will be your homework to buy the best fit for yourself. You can also consult professionals for the best advice on which social-powered street lights you should get for your needs. Always remember that prices may get a bit too much sometimes, but you will realize over time how great this purchase will be for you and how it can save you money over the coming years. 

You should understand the needs and requirements for buying solar street lights. This will help you make the right choice in buying something long-lasting which serves the purpose of the purchase.

If you don’t understand the nitty-gritty details of these solar panels, you might also fall into the trap of low-quality solar light manufacturers; hence, you must be careful when purchasing them. The different factors that can help you come to a final decision about which company is making the best solar street lamp are as follows:

  1. The type of panel 

Before you begin your search for solar street lights, you should know which part of the area needs these lights installed. You should also know the mounting type for the solar light installed in the area. You can hire professionals to do this job for you as well. They will tell you if you need a solar racking installed or not to get the lights in an ideal position. 

  1. Warranty time 

Next comes the warranty time. You should know about the warranty the manufacturer offers for solar lights. Hence, when you purchase the panels or kits, you should inquire about the product warranty. The solar panels are reliable and good quality if you are told the warranty is 5 years. You must also note that this warranty must cover at least half the lifespan of the items you buy. 

  1. Compare prices 

To make a good purchase, you should know the prices the manufacturers are offering for the solar street lamps you are purchasing. Products with low prices are mostly low quality, but higher prices are usually of better quality. This means you should have an open eye and be aware of the fake products present among the good products in the market. Low-priced and low-quality products will cost you much more than buying good-quality products.

  1. Power of the solar panel 

Every panel has many different power outputs, meaning that these panels can create more than 250-300 watts of power. Panels with higher voltage are mostly very efficient and effective.

  1. Battery type 

Solar panels also come with a battery, where the charge is stored. It would help if you got a strong and highly reliable battery with your solar panels, so your purchase works well for many years. The lithium battery is an ideal example of a good-quality battery. They have a longer lifespan, high-efficiency output, and ideal temperature resistance than lead batteries. The lead battery has a resistance level that stops at 20 degrees Celsius, whereas lithium has a resistance as high as 45 degrees Celsius. 

  1. The certification of solar panels 

Only certified solar panels can have the specifications for a solar street light to work for longer years. It would help if you looked at the certification provided along with the product. This can help you know its efficiency and level of performance. Also, make sure that the product is tested in an independent environment. 

  1. The reputation of the manufacturer

Manufacturer reputation has to do a lot with the quality of products. If the manufacturer has stronger strength, the factory should be large, and there will be many suppliers. They might have different choices, and they can boost the benefits to the customers. Also, stronger manufacturers may give you better advice and ideal professional services. This way, you know you are getting longer-lasting street lamps that will work for years, and if a fault happens, you can also use a year-long warranty to get a replacement product.

  1. The strength of the manufacturer 

Manufacturers’ strength is also key in deciding which solar street light you should get. Ask about the product manufacturers’ strengths, what other products they are offering, what the quality of their other products is, etc., to determine the quality of the products you are getting. Know about their applications, processes, and modes of constructing materials before you make the purchase. 

  1. Conclusion

Using this guide information, you can make sure you purchase a good quality solar street light that will work for years. These lights will provide you with illumination at ease and will save you money over time. You can purchase the best quality solar-led street light from us, MU Group. We have a wide network of products, and solar street lights are one of our remarkable products. Get solar street lights from MU Group to save money for your business. 

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