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Board games are always a source of pleasure and a way for people of all ages to spend their free time. Several kinds of board games are popular in different regions of the world, and all have immense significance for people in their area. In China, one can easily find many board game manufacturers that will create your design and required quality with precision and efficiency. If you want to make your design of board games come to reality, many manufacturers in China can do the job just right for you. 

A board games manufacturer is easy to find if you have the right skills and know what you want. Following the guide, you will learn how to find a board game production factory to provide you with your desired results. 

Where to look for board game manufacturers?

Most board game manufacturers are situated in China. Here, you will find that these people have more experience and better ability to produce custom, high-quality components at far better prices. 

If you are working with any US-based board game manufacturer and need smaller or custom components from the standard dice, you would be outsourcing to Chinese manufacturers. China manufacturers offer better quality games at a lower price range. 

Here are all the ways you should get started with the search for a board game manufacturing company in China. 


Before anything else, communication is the key to producing the Ideal board game. If you cannot talk with the factory, then you will surely face some problems. Here is the breakdown of communication in different parts.

  1. Language
    Not all will speak to you in your native tongue, so you have to see if your emails are being understood fully and if you understand their response.
  2. Frequency
    How fast are they replying to your emails if you are having to chase, or are things proceeding at a good pace?
  3. Accuracy
    When you ask questions, do they answer everything with the required information and details, or are you left with many unanswered questions?

Current games

Measuring the quality of custom board game manufacturers’ capabilities takes a lot of work. Indeed, you could get a few sample packs from them, but they aren’t truly the representatives of the final products available in the shops. The best option is to investigate the games the factory has produced in-depth and ask an factory audit. 

Having their games in your hands will allow you to measure the parts’ quality and how things are set together in assembly. This will be helpful if you are not familiar with these companies, and you would say I would like cards made with this material or What is the amount of financing used on this box cover from a particular game. If they have made the game, they can help you learn the names of the materials and also get the results you require.

How to get the proper sample to assess a board game factory?

It would help if you carried out a strict sampling routine to assess the manufacturer’s quality and process of work. There are 4 steps you should carry out:

Digital samples

First, you can get digital visuals of the files once they are moved into the factories’ templates to ensure everything is present and correctly set. 

Color samples

Also, get prints of everything on paper to see the actual colors of the final results.

White samples

The final version of your game without the actual print is a white sample. This includes blank cards, punchboards, boxes, and all remaining items. This is the final check to ensure you are happy with all box components. 

Product sample

The sample for the final product. Along with this, you should always do the local prints at first, where everything is printed by professional local printers so that you have a rough look at all of the colors.  This can help you avoid any risks that will make you spend way more if not detected early on before the final print of your board game. 

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Which manufacturers of board games can I begin with?

While there is always room for improvement and an addition of a new name to the list, here are some safe options you can begin with. All you need is one single manufacturer and not all of them. So here is the list of board game manufacturing companies that are trustworthy and have worked for several clients around the globe:

  • MU Group 
  • Panda game manufacturing 
  • Long-pack games
  • Gameland
  • Bangwee 

MU Group has more than 20 years of history, and many Asian factories have worked for several customers around the globe to produce high-end board games. We have also manufactured board games and tabletop games, from scratch design to production.. 

The team from MU Group produces products that will be Walmart-certified, which ensures quality and timely deliveries. You can also get free design services from us as we have more than 150 product designers on board who are efficient and creative in creating any design you have in mind. We also have a self-owned toy testing laboratory and support available 365*24h. 

The board game manufacturer in China listed above can be a helpful starting point for you to find all the fantastic producers in China to bring your design to reality. You can obtain free samples from board game design and manufacturing companies like MU Group and begin to get your custom board game to the printing and sales step.


Make a short list of all the manufacturers you have considered and contact them. They will offer you a quote, and soon, you will have an idea of the rates going on in the industry. Reach out to your top choice first, say MU Group, explain all the components you have in mind, and let us offer you a quote. Also, ensure you indicate the quantity they will be using for the per-unit price. It can give a range of quantities as you won’t know how significant or successful your campaign may be.This is the best way to find China’s top board game manufacturer.

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