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Business owners all around the globe are exporting toys from China for their businesses to make sales and profits. All of this seems great, but the initial step of finding a good toy manufacturer can be one excellent task that, if done wrong, can take you to the depths of loss in business. There are many tips for finding the best toy manufacturer for your business in China, and you will learn all about that today through the following guide. 

Most businesses buy important toys from China and make significant profits, but the task is to find original, authentic toy manufacturers in China. The following information can help you understand the different aspects of toy manufacturers and allow you to make the right choices in this challenging task.

To start your search, you must first understand the strengths you are looking for in a toy manufacturer. Here are a few to begin with:

What should you look for in a toy manufacturer in China?

Toy manufacturers you go for must have the following strengths that will make your search easier.

No 1 toy manufacturing capacity:

China is the largest toy manufacturer country; thousands of toy companies are incorporated in China alone. China’s toy-making volume is around 70% of the world’s, making it the largest toy-manufacturing country globally.

More labor while lower labor costs:

China has the most significant population in the world, with enormous labor resources. This is why the labor costs of toy manufacturers in China are low, which lowers the average prices of toys.

Highly developed industrial chain and hence considered industry cluster:

The toy manufacturing hub is mainly concentrated in major regions in China. These areas include Jiangsu, Guangzhou, and Zhejiang. The entire upstream and downstream industrial chain is developed in these industry clusters. 

High-tech-oriented industrial world:

Internet, Bluetooth modules, cloud upgrades, and chip technology are widely applied in toy production. Toys manufactured in China have more interactivity, intelligence, and education features. 

Super strong logistics support:

The supporting logistics have facilitated the development of the toy manufacturing industry in China. Toy manufacturers are well versed in exporting processes of all kinds of toys. With the help of domestic logistics providers, buying toys from China may be only a few clicks of work from your end.

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Where can you find the best toy manufacturers in China?

You can try different ways to find China’s best toy manufacturing companies. Some of these include the following:

  • Trade fairs of the toy industry happening in Chinese or worldwide countries
  • Look in online B2B marketplaces in China
  • Sourcing companies, buying offices in China, or getting agents 
  • Search through LinkedIn
  • Search on Google 

These are some of the top ways of looking for your target Chinese toy manufacturers in China before you purchase. You may find your best fit if you have the right skills to look at the right places.

What should you know before looking for toy manufacturers in China?

You must know the following before you start your hunt:

  • Identify the wholesaler, toy manufacturers, and sourcing companies and understand the differences between them 
  • Find the Chinese wholesale toy makes that suit your business capacity 
  • Pick a wholesale toy producer that can give test reports as well 
  • Pick a toy manufacturer that has a formal manufacturing process and system 


For most importers, the complex process of getting toys from China can be overwhelming. Processes like manufacturer searching, shipping, and customs may take much work. But you can get through all these painful steps by finding a reliable toy manufacturer that help you by providing comprehensive manufacturing resources and getting you the best prices from the vast pile. 

MU Group is China’s most reputed supply chain management company and is the leading business in China and the rest of the world. We have 20 years of history and multiple factories in Asia. We manufacture board games and tabletop games, from design to production and even to transport. We have helped more than 10000 businesses around the globe in their processes. 

MU Group has Walmart-certified factories that guarantee quality and on-time delivery. You can get free design services from 150+ product designers and MU Group and get them tested for a self-owned toy testing laboratory at MU Group. From us, you can find competitive pricing and 24/7 support to help you make the most of your dealings with MU Group.

Also, visit China toy manufacturing clusters to get more help. Many toy industry clusters are entirely focused on different toy product niches, mainly in different areas of China. Knowing the locations of these industry clusters and their respective featuring toys can help you get to know reliable suppliers. You can look through the following five main industry clusters to begin with:

  • Chenghai in Shantou City, Guangdong Province
  • Yiwu—The top Small Commodities Distribution Center in The World
  • Yangzhou/Qingdao—land where Plush and Stuffed Toys Are Produced
  • Yongjia, Zhejiang Province: China’s Capital of Playground Toys for Kids

There are over 3000 toy manufacturers in Chenghai, China’s most significant toy industry. Here, there are more manufacturing resources, which attract tens of thousands of professional buyers from around the globe, generating billions of transactions.


The premier supplier of toy manufacturers in China, MU Group, will expertly guide you through every facet of toy production. This comprehensive guidance includes detailed insights into the manufacturing process, the types of materials utilized, and the methods of supply chain management to ensure your products reach you efficiently. MU Group takes charge of the entire process, ensuring a hassle-free experience and peace of mind for you. Your toys will be delivered smoothly and on time, right to your doorstep.

Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to enhance your profit margins through attractive discounts on bulk orders. Our capabilities in mass production not only ensure cost-effectiveness but also include diligent follow-up services and timely delivery commitments.

Experience the best shipping rates and exemplary services with MU Group, all designed to empower your business for rapid growth and market leadership.

Ask MU Group to wholesale & customize toys.
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