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MU Event | Dalian University of Foreign Languages president Liu Hong visits the group

On the morning of January 8th, President Liu Hong and her delegation from Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DUFL) visited our company.  Group President Tom Tang warmly received them and participated in the exchange meeting.

President Liu first visited the public showroom to gain an overall understanding of MU’s product categories, operational model, and development strategies.  Subsequently, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on talent cultivation, university-enterprise cooperation, internships, practical training, and the current employment situation.  She introduced the distinctive features of DUFL, emphasizing their focus on creating versatile talents in fields such as “English + Minority Language”, “Foreign Language + Finance” and “Foreign Language + Foreign Trade”.  DUFL is committed to broadening students’ knowledge structure and enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.  The alignment of the university’s program offerings and student qualities with MU’s employment requirements was acknowledged.  President Liu expressed her desire to deepen cooperation between the university and our company, exploring opportunities for internships and employment placements.  She suggested collaborating to provide talents to excellent port cities like Ningbo and top foreign trade enterprises like MU Group.

During the discussion, Tom Tang mentioned MU’s persistent commitment to campus recruitment culture.  The company is willing to invest in training interns and recent graduates, especially those proficient in languages such as Ukrainian and Vietnamese, which are in high demand.  He affirmed the company’s dedication to deepening university-enterprise cooperation, supporting the development of multilingual and highly skilled professionals.  The aim is to offer more employment opportunities and broader development platforms for talented and ambitious students.  Looking ahead, Tom Tang expressed hope for closer alignment and collaboration between the university and group in education development, talent cultivation, and strategic direction.  He welcomed more students and alumni from DUFL to MU, anticipating a growing number of university graduates joining the company and becoming long-term friends with time in our journey of growth.

Additionally, attendees from Dalian University of Foreign Languages included Jing Shuiqin, Director of the Enrollment and Employment Office;  Wang Ke, Dean of the The School for Software Engineering;  Luo Miliang, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office;  and Liang Ruobing, Party Secretary of the School of English Studies.  Xu Julei, Deputy Director of Ningbo Municipal Human Resources Development Service Center, was also present.  In addition, alumni of DUFL, Regina Li and Stephania Dong, who joined MU in 2023, accompanied the delegation for this event.

Dalian University of Foreign Languages is the only public foreign language university in Northeast China.  It was officially founded in 1964 with the gracious support of the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.  DUFL has become a fully-fledged multidisciplinary university of international studies, also offering programs in other areas like art, economics, management, engineering, law and pedagogy in addition to instruction in a wide range of languages.  DUFL is continuously advancing towards the goal of becoming a high-level, application-oriented foreign language university with distinctive characteristics in the Northeast Asia Region.

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