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MU News | Police Enterprise Service Station Unveiled in Yiwu

On March 27th, the unveiling ceremony of the Police Enterprise Service Station of MU Group’s Yiwu Financial Business workspace which under the jurisdiction of the Futian Police Station was successfully held. Zhu Zhiqin, a member of the Party Committee of the Public Security Bureau, and other leaders attended the event, accompanied by Henry Xu, Vice President of MU Group. 

The unveiling ceremony was held first. Following the establishment of the Police Service Station, police officers from the Futian Police Station will be stationed in the enterprise to effectively serve the Yiwu Operations Center. Through the “Decentralizing the police force” and “enhancing the police mobility” modes, potential risks and hidden dangers in the development of the group will be proactively addressed. Furthermore, this will create a favorable environment for the stable and secure development of the group.

Subsequently, Vice President Henry Xu accompanied Committee Member Zhu to visit the product exhibition hall. He introduced that the Yiwu Operation Center of the Group has a history of 25 years. This year is a critical year of business development. The new MU Building is about to be fully roofed and will enter the sprint stage of renovation when all workspace of group are expected to move into the financial and business district as a whole. 

With the digital transformation of traditional foreign trade, MU Group needs more accurate and powerful guidance and exchanges in the fields of network information security protection, business information security protection, intellectual property protection, exit-entry management, prevention of occupational embezzlement, etc. to improve corresponding management capabilities. Henry expressed gratefulness to the municipal government and The public security system’s strong support for the company’s development is a real warmth.

The Committee Member Zhu said that MU Group is a leading foreign trade enterprise that has continued to develop in Yiwu. Establishing police enterprise service station truly realizes on-site office presence and zero-distance services for businesses. The police enterprise service station would help preventing potential risks immediately as well as dispatching the police at once when the incident happen. He expressed said that enterprises can make good use of this platform which built between the police and enterprise to create new achievements.

It is expected that in the first half of 2025, the Beiyuan workspace will be relocated to the new MU Building, and the number of colleagues working in the Financial Business workspace will reach 5,000. The establishment of the police enterprise service station not only reflects the practical measures taken by the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to protect the development of enterprises, but also provides strong safety support and legal guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the Yiwu Operation Center.

Mao Juntao, leader of the Economic Investigation Brigade, He Haihang, director of Futian Police Station, Xu Xiaowu, deputy director of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, Zhu Jing, deputy director, and Zhao Jiansheng of the Cyber Security Center, accompanied the event.

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