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Are you a games brand owner or buyer looking to expand your product lines? Then, a board game is one of the great options you can move on with. Finding the right board games for 4-year-olds may be a game changer for the business growth.

What are the best board games for 4-year-olds?

1. Monza

This is a racing game where players roll coloured dice to move ahead of their cars on a track, promoting colour recognition and static thinking. 

2. My first castle panic

This is a fun game for kids around 4 years of age, mainly if you want to introduce them to the world of monsters, fantasy games, and dragons. It also prepares them for an ideal range of fantasy board games for older games. If you love dungeons and dragons, then this age is for your family. 

3. My first Carcassonne

This is one other ideal game for kids. And, you can’t wait to have its original version; you may also get started with this one. This is a fun way to introduce the strategy from a young age. This game may also be interesting for 6-year-olds. 

4. Race to the treasure

In this game, you will build a path and beat an ogre to collect his treasure. This may also be great for your older kids of 6 years.

5. Hoot owl hoot

This is one of the best board games for 4 4-year-olds, designed to help them learn teamwork and strategic thinking alike. This enchanting game will help players work together and form a group of owls to help them return to their nests before sunrise. It is a race with time, and every move is essential. 

6. First orchard

It is a renowned board game and is known to keep preschoolers engaged. It offers simple gameplay for younger kids. This game invites its players to collect fruits of all different colours before a raven gets to them. This is an excellent way for little kids to learn about different colours and practice teamwork as all team members are playing against the Raven. 

7. Sneaky, snacky squirrel game

This game is a fun board game which enables fine color matching, motor skills and strategic thinking among kids. Players use a squirrel-shaped tweezer to lift coloured acorns and then fill their logs, hence learning about colours and also taking turns. This game is highly engaging as it helps you develop hand-eye coordination and planning skills, and therefore, it is ideal for preschoolers. Different board game manufacturers have produced this game to help kids develop a strong understanding of colours and teamwork. 

8. Richard Scarry’s Busytwon, Eye found it

This is a great game that lets kids be curious and develop problem-solving skills. It stands out as a highly detailed and engaging board game which promotes attention to detail and teamwork. Players can work together to look for hidden objects in the busy scene of Busytown, racing with time on a fun-filled journey. This game encourages 4-year-olds to pay keen attention to detail and also collaborate with the rest, teaching them essential skills in cooperative play and observation. 

9. Spot it! Jr. Animals

This is another favourite among board game amateurs as it is a top choice for preschoolers’ parents. It stands out among the preschool board games with focus and fast-paced to develop attention and visual perception abilities. Through this game, players can race to spot the matching animals on the two cards, fostering fast reflexes and observing skills. It is an ideal way for children to improve their visual recognition and concentration, making it a hit for families that seek engaging board games for 4-year-olds.

10. Feed the whole

Feed The Woozel is another favourite board game factory product that is celebrated for emphasizing dexterity and fine motor skills among kids. Players work as teams to feed the Woozle snacks by using a spoon and navigating different challenges, which increase in complexity. This game encourages the players to play as teams. Also, it helps preschoolers develop strong hand-eye coordination and balance, which makes it an ideal choice for younger kids looking for improvement in their fine motor abilities. 

11. Memory game

This game is available in different themes and is an excellent tool for enhancing visual memory and focusing abilities among preschoolers. Players can turn over the cards to find their matching pairs and focus on recognition and recall.. this game is adaptable to different interests ranging from vehicles and animals, which is a versatile choice for parents in search of strengthening their kid’s memory and focusing skills. It is a staple among board games for little kids and suitable for a set of ages due to its simple but challenging gameplay.

12. Hi Ho! Cherry-O

This is a beloved counting game that has been teaching kids very basic math skills. As players can pick fruit from their trees to rack up their stakes, they can practice addition, counting and subtraction without actually realizing that they are learning. This game is suggested as a board game for preschoolers that offers them a fun and interactive method for developing early numeracy abilities. 

Best board games manufacturer in China?

If you’re looking for board games for 4-year-olds, then MU Group can provide you with the best quality, attention to detail and ideal price for these board games. MU Group has more than 20 years of history and many factories in Asia. We have produced board games and tabletop games from design to production level and have helped more than 10,000 businesses around the globe to save budgets and produce high-quality board games. 

You can find all of the boards mentioned above games at MU group and also use them as custom board game manufacturers to get your preferred design and quality. You can provide us with your idea and design for preschool board games, and we will offer you free samples and even let you have ideal prices to produce your own board game. 

Get MU Group as your board game factory and enjoy the perks of being linked to China’s great board game-producing company. 

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