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We all need a flashlight in our everyday lives, so having one ready to use at home is ideal. But what do you buy when there are so many options in the market, and all come with flashy features and price details? One might quickly feel overwhelmed by this query and often buy a cheaper variant of a brand. 

To cut out the mystery and answer some common questions, here are some steps you need to follow to spot the best flashlight manufacturer available. 

Types of flashlights available in the market

When buying flashlights, you should be familiar with the key considerations when picking a flashlight to buy and sell ahead of time or keep for your use. Here are different kinds of flashlights you might have to select from when making the purchase

Solar power flashlights

These are powered by solar energy, which is later stored in rechargeable batteries. A few of these flashlights also employ LEDs. Solar-powered flashlights are highly eco-friendly and don’t even strain the environment. Compared to the incandescent bulb flashlight, these are strong, easy to use, and highly cost-effective as they are charged easily by exposure to sunlight. 

LED flashlights

These are well known for their great battery life. LED technology helps flashlights to beam brighter and makes them lightweight. It is one of the significant flashlights that can help its users get around in pitch darkness. These flashlights have longer battery life, which is way more powerful than incandescent bulb flashlights. The bulb they have is expected to work for around 50,000 hours. 

Tactical flashlights

As these flashlights come to be composed of solid materials, they are primarily helpful in rugged landscapes. They aren’t only waterproof but also shockproof and present in all sizes. 

Pen lights

Flashlight pens are tiny flashlights that also look like a pen. As they are smaller in size, they come with the potential to brighten up smaller areas. They also operate with AAA or even AAA-powered batteries. They use LED or a tiny bulb to deliver the spotlight beam. They come attached with clips so they can be fastened onto pockets and hence are hand-free, providing convenience. 

Handheld flashlights

These are emergency flashlights that are smaller-sized ones, about 4 inches long. They can fit easily into a pocket and may offer wide and narrow beam functionality. They can use LED technology and let the users zoom in or out to adjust the beam of light size. 

How should one choose the ideal flashlight manufacturer?

To pick the best flashlight factory, you should assess the flashlight using different methods, including the following measurements.

  • Budget

Budget is one of the leading concerns for most customers. When buying, they mostly look for a product that is within their budget and promises to deliver high-quality light beams. Being aware of the friendly options regarding flashlights is ideal to help the customers make perfect buying decisions. 

  • Battery size

Battery size is also one of the crucial factors that users should keep in mind when buying flashlights. Some even need handy and powerful flashlights that offer high beams for illumination reasons. In these cases, offering flashlights that won’t drain energy at a higher rate is an ideal suggestion. 

  • Light output

The light output of a flashlight is measured in the unit of lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. The lumens rating will be the greatest level of brightness that any flashlight can emit using new batteries, which is the best-case scenario. Some flashlights might come with different lumens ratings for different light settings from flashlight manufacturers in the light. Some guides to the flashlight lumens are as follows.

  • 1 lumen = the light of a full moon
  • 13 lumens = candlelight
  • 50 lumens = a smartphone flashlight
  • 450 lumens = a 40-watt lightbulb
  • 1,200 lumens = your car’s high beams
  • 75,000 lumens = a lighthouse

Flashlight beam distance

This distance is measured using meters and helps determine how far the beam can project. In any case of this rating, the overall figure captures the complete distance that the light from the flashlight travels before it reaches a mere 1 lumen, which is the light of a dull moon. You wouldn’t want a very high beam distance when working up in closeness, like a plumber or mechanic may do. Hence, if you are searching and rescuing, you will need a flashlight with a longer beam distance from the factory. 

Run time

The battery run time rating is based on the duration before the light emittance reaches 10%. The drop-off speed is based on the quality and type of the battery, its output, and the size of the model you have at hand. 

Impact resistance

Durability is the primary factor for all flashlights but is crucial when working in rough industrial settings. The impact resistance rating is something measured in meters. It determines the height from where a flashlight can be dropped and is expected to work just fine. If the flashlight works fine after 6 drops over the concrete surface from a specific height, that will be the rating, and if it fails this test, then the previous most successful height will be used as a rating. 

Battery type

Rechargeable batteries, including lithium-ion or nickel metal hydride, are recommended for everyday use as they may save you a lot of money over the long run compared to disposable batteries. 

Get any factory item that considers these factors and enjoy a flashlight that will serve you for years. 

Final thoughts

No matter which flashlight factory you go for, there will be many options and features to consider. But one thing is sure: MU Group has been the best flashlight manufacturer. We have multiple flashlight factories operating in China and Thailand.

We manufacture the best flashlights from design to the production. Here, you will get the best prices. We also have a self-owned TUV cooperating laboratory and offers OEM and ODM services. You can also enjoy 24/7 support from the team to get top-notch services any time you need.

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