MU insights | What Is a COB Work Light? An Introduction to Advanced Lighting Technology

What Is a COB Work Light An Introduction to Advanced Lighting Technology

Light may be used from natural sources or something that you add to your photo setup. In any case, managing this light is essential to the overall workflow. Studio photographers, for example, depend greatly on artificial light, whereas landscape photographers usually prefer natural light. 

Although there is only one or the other, even when photographers that shoot outdoors alone require artificial light sources at some point,  you must not ignore the option and value of additional lighting, mainly the COB light. 

You must also know how to use the flash system and continuous light sources. Each of these performs a different action. While many photographers prefer the built-in flash, you never know when the COB light might save your photo session.It would help if you explored different options to let yourself be creative and produce great work. Let us understand what COB work light is.

What is a COB light?

COB light is an acronym for continuous light source. It is the kind of LED light you may use anywhere, bringing light to your subject for hours. You might also hold it in place or mount it over a light pole, place it in the studio, or take it with you. A COB light lets you change the intensity and direction of light to preserve and like the setup for a longer duration. 

A COB light is a complete panel of LED chips packed super close. You may not see any available space in between the LED chips as they are compact. A COB light then produces a bright and uniform beam of light. It would help if you didn’t worry; you can also dim the intensity of light and use other accessories to soften it. 

What is the COB acronym of?

COB is the acronym for Chip On Board. It then describes the technology behind COB light and refers to packed LED chips mounted on direct contact using silicon carbide or the sapphire substrate. The COB technology gives a greater density of LEDs over smaller surfaces. 

COB LED is a space-saving set of multiple LED chips:

CoB LED is a special device comprising many LED chips mounted over a thermally efficient substrate or a board. Every chip has no lead frame, lens, or phosphor coating. This means these chips may be mounted closely on this substrate. The tight placement of LED chips allows a higher intensity or even light density to be emitted through smaller areas, which is possible using single-packaged LEDs. The manufacturer then applies a smooth and uniform phosphor coating on an entire chip array that converts the blue light to the needed white color temperature. 

What are the advantages of a COB work light?

A single CoB LED may contain numerous chips that form a dense array. This compact array allows  CoB LED to produce higher light output from a tiny area than possible using an array of packaged LEDs. 

Using only a single LED may result in an easier or simpler design and product, giving an optical advantage from efficient optics and uniform light. 

Electrical design is also simple, as CoB LED only needs a two-wire power supply to the entire chipset. Production is quite simple as the total number of units soldered onto the board will also be lower if a single COB LED is employed instead of an array of packaged LEDs. 

When COB lights are used?

COB work light sets are used anytime you need a constant light source for videography and photography. It might be used for photography and also videography. It might be for models working in fashion catalogs or also for family portraits. You might also use COB lights to light up still life, products, or food. The uniform and bright spot under light are popular among commercial photographers who wish to eliminate certain shadows and produce sharp images. 

As you may carry them around, if you extend the setup using appropriate batteries, the COB work light is an ideal choice for industrial, real estate, or architectural photography. Their ideal homogenous luminosity may fill vast places under light and create a fresh and joyful atmosphere. And their direction may reveal the tiny details of a surface area. 

Top examples of COB lights:

There is a wide collection of photo setups where these lights are helpful. To pick the best light for you. It would help if you considered the luminosity, versatility, reliability, and build quality. You can check out the following examples to begin with.

  • Zhiyun PLX105 MOLUS X60 60W Bi-Color Pocket COB LED Light
  • SmallRig RC350B 350W Bi-Color COB LED Video Light
  • Westcott L60-B 60W Bi-Color COB LED Video Light
  • SmallRig RC 120D Daylight Point-Source
  • SmallRig RC 120B Bi-Color Point-Source
  • Phottix X160 COB Bi-Color


In conclusion, COB work lights represent a significant advancement in lighting technology, offering photographers and videographers a reliable, versatile, and powerful light source. With their ability to produce a bright, uniform beam and their compact, efficient design, COB lights are ideal for a wide range of applications, from studio photography to on-location shoots. The dense array of LED chips in COB lights ensures high light output from a small area, making them both space-saving and energy-efficient.

Whether you’re capturing portraits, products, or architectural details, the consistent and high-quality illumination provided by COB work lights can enhance your creativity and ensure professional results. By exploring the various options and understanding the unique advantages of COB technology, you can effectively manage your lighting needs and elevate the quality of your work. Consider incorporating COB work lights into your setup to experience the benefits of this cutting-edge lighting solution.

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