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China Lights supplier, manufacturer, factory

China MU Group has exports of various types of lights, welcome to purchase our products. Big business is trustworthy.


The Excelle Group was founded in 2004, with operation centers in Ningbo, Yiwu and Shanghai, and offices in Guangzhou and Shantou. Its main business is to provide services for Western retailers' hard product sourcing business in China.


China Lights supplier, manufacturer

The group has a registered capital of 200 million yuan, has more than 40 wholly-owned and holding trading subsidiaries and business units, and the market covers more than 130 countries and regions around the world. The annual import and export volume is about 800 million U.S. dollars, ranking among the top five export enterprises in Ningbo, the top ten export enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and the top 500 foreign trade enterprises in China.


At present, there are about 1,500 trade employees in the group, basically with a bachelor’s degree or above, and one-quarter of the employees are proficient in a second foreign language. The company adopts a very flat management model, a comprehensive training system, a rich spare time life, pays attention to the personal growth of employees, and focuses on construction learning An efficient team that provides a broad and stable development platform for every employee.


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