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Painting Tools

What is Painting Tools? There are many drawing tools, the commonly used drawing tools are as follows:

1. Paper: sketch paper, A4 paper, coated paper, sketchbook, etc.;

2. Brushes: pencils, syringe pens, flat-head fountain pens, gouache/watercolor brushes, hook line pens, etc.;

Pencils are divided into soft (B) and hard (H).

The larger the B number, the thicker the color palette, the softer the refill;

The larger the H number, the lighter the tone and the harder the lead core.

3. Coloring tools: colored pencils, oil pastels, markers, gouache watercolors, etc.;

4. Hook line pen:

5. Other tools: eraser, utility knife, easel, masking paper, color palette, copy table, etc.

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