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What is Teaching Stationeries? Teaching stationery includes regular and professional teaching aids used in basic education in primary and secondary schools, as well as in college and secondary education. Generally there are real objects, and objective things are presented directly in front of students so that students can feel directly; simulated real objects, including specimens, models and other replicas, such as globes, human models, engineering equipment models, etc. Charts depicting the image of things, including pictures, photos, maps, statistics, design and other visualized charts; modern equipment that reproduces the image of things and their processes, such as movie machines, televisions, tape recorders, video recorders, slide projectors, projectors, etc. There are also conventional teaching aids that are sometimes used, such as blackboards, erasers, whiteboards, chalks, etc.

Infant teaching aids: toys and intellectual development supplies used for the enlightenment education of preschool children. Can develop children's athletic ability, train their perception, stimulate their imagination and arouse their curiosity. Children's teaching aids are the material conditions for children's physical and mental development, including intuitive pictures, images, technology, assembly, assembly toys, buildings, structural models, music and sound toys, etc.

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