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Metal candle holer

30-499 Pieces 500-1999 Pieces
>=2000 Pieces

Product number:NV-24

Material:Metal and glass


Color:3 color

Features:Candlelight romantic  

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    Quick Details
      Size:   12.5*12.5*7.5cm   Product name:   Metal candle holer 
      Weight:   130g             Material:
      Metal and glass
      Color:    Gold, pink, black    Occasion:   Daily life
      Packing:   Brown box      Style:   Deer pattern                      
       Technique:   Electric Plating        Usage:   Home desk decoration
    Packaging & Delivery
      Lead Time:   >=500Pieces,14days   Product Properties:   RTS
      Support Express:
      Sea freight · Land freight · Air freight   Port:   Ningbo shanghai
      Supply Ability:
      /   Packing:   Brown box
      Customized Packaging:   /   Custom Logo:   /
      Package Weight:   15kg   Package Size:   60*50*40cm


    About Candle holer


    Candles are a popular decoration for any room. They provide lovely light and can be placed anywhere in the room. One option for candles is to place them on candlesticks. However, this can be difficult to do if the room is small or if there isn't enough room for the candlestick. Another option is to place the candle on a wall bracket. This type of candlestick is called a metal candle hole.


    Candles are an essential part of any home decor, but lighting them can be a pain. Some people choose to stick the candle to a counter or stand, but these methods often require reaching for the candle every time you want to use it. A better option is to have a candleholder that you can place anywhere in the room. One such holder is a metal wall hanging candle hole.


    Candle holer


    Metal candleholders have many functions that can make the candle burning experience more enjoyable. Some of these include the ability to rotate the candle around its center point, making it easy to change the direction of the flame; a built-in headgear that prevents the candle from falling; and a variety of finishes and styles to choose from.