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Coffee mug

Product model:GKF20355






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    Quick Details
      Product name:   Coffee mug   Color:   Black
      Size:   φ7*19.8cm   Weight:   284g
      Material:   SUS304+SUS201   Product model   GKF20355
      Production capacity:   380ml   Place of Origin:   China
      Customized(MOQ):   3000   Logo(MOQ)   2000
      Brand Name:   Grink    Available:   Drink water
      7 days sample order lead time   Yes   MOQ   1000
      Trade terms   FOB   Port:   Ningbo





    1. Double layer stainless steel thermos cup

    2. Cup body with leather case for thermal insulation


    About Coffee mug


    Coffee mug is one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are many benefits to drinking coffee from a cup. For example, a Coffee mug keeps drinks warm for longer. The heat of the beverage also helps to release the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Plus, a Coffee mug is an easy way to rest and relax during the day. Finally, a Coffee mug is an affordable way to enjoy your favorite beverage.


    Coffee mug


    Coffee mug is a coffee drinking vessel made of porcelain, plastic or other materials. It is usually round or oval and has a handle. The coffee mug is usually decorated with the owner's initials, designs or phrases.



    Coffee drinkers often do it with cups. There are many types of Coffee mug, each with their own unique characteristics. Some mugs can be used for hot drinks, while others are designed for cold drinks. Some have handles for easy holding, and some have spouts for easy pouring of coffee. Some cups are colored and some are plain.