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Dog hair brush

500 - 1999 Pieces 2000 - 49999 Pieces
>=50000 Pieces

Product model:RBj0341

Material:Stainless steel+ABS




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    Quick Details
      Color:   Customized   Product name:   Dog hair brush
      Size:   100*1.2cm   Material:   Stainless steel+ABS
      Packing:   Color box   Product properties:   RTS
      Features:   Stainless steel/plastic washable/cleaning hair/comfortable brush
    Packaging & Delivery
      Support Express:   Dhl   Pay by:   T/T
      Supply Ability:
      5000pcs/day   Port:   NB
      Customized Packaging:
      20000   Custom Logo:   20000
      Lead time:   >=500Pieces,15days   Graphic customization:   20000
      Package weight:   0.5g   Package size:   14*10*0.1cm


    About Dog hair brush


    If you love your dog, then you know they shed. While this may not be a problem if their hair falls straight off their body, brushing it all the time can be a pain. This is where the Dog hair brush comes in handy! This unique tool was specially designed to help you groom your dog, and it does an excellent job of it.


    The Dog hair brush has many functions, making it a great tool for grooming pets. While it may seem simple, grooming your dog regularly can help keep it clean and healthy. Also, a good Dog hair brush can reduce the amount of tangles they form when your hair is damp, preventing them from getting caught in ropes or other objects.


    Dog hair brush


    The best Dog hair brushes are the ones your dog will love to use.


    If you have a large dog breed, you may need a larger brush.


    If you have a smaller breed, a smaller brush may suffice.


    It is important to choose the right size brush for your dog's coat. Regular brushing helps remove loose hair and dirt, and keeps your coat clean and healthy.