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Double wall Ice cream tumbler

Product model:GK413-1

Color:Clear grey





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      Product name:   Double wall Ice cream tumbler     Color:   Clear grey
      Size:   φ10*21cm,φ10*26cm   Weight:   165g/215g
      Material:   PS(Plastic)   Product model   GK413-1
      Production capacity:   450ml/640ml   Place of Origin:   China
      Customized(MOQ):   3000   Logo(MOQ)   2000
      Brand Name:   Grink    Available:   Drink water
      7 days sample order lead time   Yes   MOQ   2000
      Trade terms   FOB   Port:   Ningbo





    1. Double-layer cup body design

    2. Food grade PS, environmentally friendly material, BPA free

    3.ice cream shape with straw


    About Double Wall Ice Cream Tumbler


    Do you love ice cream but hate cleaning up yourself? Introducing the Double Wall Ice Cream Tumbler! This nifty device is made from two separate pieces of plastic that fit together like a puzzle. When you're done using the ice cream, just pop the top off, and the ice cream is easy to clean in the dishwasher. It's perfect for families or groups who want to enjoy their favorite frozen treats without worrying about the mess.


    Features of Double Wall Ice Cream Tumbler:


    - Keep your ice cream cool for a long time


    - Has a spill-proof design


    - easy to clean


    Double Wall Ice Cream Tumbler


    There are many benefits to owning a Double Wall Ice Cream Tumbler. First, they are durable enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Second, they are easy to clean, which is great if you have small children or pets. Third, they are insulating, which means your ice cream will stay cooler for longer. Fourth, they come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find one that suits your taste.