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Double layer circular microwave oven can heat student office lunch box

2-2999 Pieces ≥ 3000 Pieces
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Custom Made: Custom Logo (Minimum Order: 3000 Sets)


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      304 stainless steel+PP shell


      Large capacity stainless steel lunch box

      Place of origin:



      Single Layer/Double Layers






      School, home, picnic, convenience store, company


      Office worker, children



    Production capacity


    Production capacity: 2000ml





    1. The round lunch box design is more suitable for soup food

    2. The double-layer lunch box design makes the food collocation more reasonable

    3. Stable grip design makes it easier to carry


    About Double Layer Circular Lunch Box


    If you love packing lunches but hate bringing a bulky rectangular container to work, check out these Double Layer Circular Lunch Boxes! Made from two thin layers of plastic, these bags are just the right size to fit in a small bag or pocket. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you're sure to find one that perfectly suits your style.



    The Double Layer Circular Lunch Box is perfect for kids who love a rich and varied lunch. The first layer is made of durable plastic and can hold a lot of food. The second layer is a soft cloth to help prevent food from ramming around in the lunch box. This design makes packing lunch a breeze and ensures your food stays fresh all day long.


    Double Layer Circular Lunch Box


    The benefit of using a Double Layer Circular Lunch Box is that the food stays warm longer. Especially if you use insulation like stainless steel to line the inside of the box, your food will stay warm for up to 2 hours. This is great if you're planning to have lunch at work or school and don't want to waste time waiting for your food to get cold.



    There are many more benefits to using the Double Layer Circular Lunch Box. The first is that it helps keep food cold. Second, it keeps food fresher for longer. Finally, it makes packing and carrying lunches easier.