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Notebook Set

Item No: ES-BTS2008-CE0344

Specification: 14.5*21cm

Material: Paper

Net Weight Product: 339

Packing Way: Opp Bag

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      Place of Origin   Zhejiang, China   Weight  339 g
      Model Number   ES-BTS2008-CE0344  Specification  Paper
      Size   14.5*21 cm  Package Way  Opp bag
      Packaging & Delivery
      Sample order lead time   15 days   Trade terms  FOB
      MOQ   2000   Freight   /
      Payment terms   T/T    Export port   Ningbo


    China Notebook Set supplier

    Notebook Set

    What is a notebook set? Notebook, in daily life, refers to a booklet used to record various things. Narrowly refers to the horizontal line book, and broadly refers to the booklet used for recording.

    A booklet used to record things. When humans do not have words, they often use the method of knotting to record things to record numbers or events, express a certain meaning, and convey information. From the relics in the painting remains of primitive society, the rope patterns on pottery and the pottery net pendants, we can see that knotting notes (counting) is one of the recording methods widely used by primitive ancestors. Notepads can not only record the time, just like the early people in the ancient times (notes with ropes), but also spread the culture, the heart gradually roughened by life.

    China notebook set supplier

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