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Pencil case(Dinosaur)

Item No: ES-BTS2008-CE0458

Specification: 22*11cm

Material: TPU

Net Weight Product: 126

Packing Way: hantag

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  • About China custom Pencil case

      Quick Details
      Place of Origin   Zhejiang, China  Weight  126 g
      Model Number   ES-BTS2008-CE0458  Specification  TPU
      Size   22*11 cm  Package Way  hantag
      Packaging & Delivery
      Sample order lead time   15 days   Trade terms  FOB
      MOQ   2000   Freight   /
      Payment terms   T/T    Export port   Ningbo

    China custom Pencil caseChina custom Pencil case

    China custom Pencil case


    China custom Pencil case

    China custom Pencil case

    China custom Pencil case

    China custom Pencil case

    China custom Pencil case

    China custom Pencil case


    Features of China custom Pencil case:


    What are the characteristics and uses of China custom Pencil case?


    China custom Pencil case is a box for students to store pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and other stationery. There are many textures, generally wood products, iron products, plastic products, with different shapes, mostly rectangular parallelepiped shapes.


    The feature is that it can be filled with stationery, usually metal, cloth bags, or plastic particles.


    Basic information of China custom Pencil case


    1. Iron stationery boxes generally don't have too fancy patterns. Compared with wooden and plastic stationery boxes, iron is not easy to deform or damage. Very practical and suitable for elementary school students. use.


    2. The plastic stationery box is bright in color and rich in patterns, but there is no iron stationery box to resist falling and not deforming. It is very popular among elementary and middle school students in the mass market, and even college students sometimes use it.


    3. Wooden stationery boxes are very rare, with various graphics engraved on them, but they are often not used by elementary and middle school students because their colors are too monotonous, so wooden stationery boxes have gradually become scarce.


    4. There is also a cloth stationery box, its real name is "pen bag", and it is the "new favorite of stationery box" for primary and middle school students in recent years. Easy to carry, practical, very suitable for our children. There is also an automatic stationery box, which is characterized by being composed of an outer box body and an inner box body. The inner box body is movably inserted into one long side of the outer box body, and the upper edge of the other long side of the outer box body is hingedly connected to the box body.