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Sticky ball

Product model:HP-220447



Material:ABS Plastic

Brand name:OEM


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      Product model:   HP-220447   Size:   20.5*19.5cm
      Color:   Custome
      Port:   Ningbo
      Material:   ABS Plastic   Place of Origin:   China
      Other outdoor toys & structures   Customized:   OEM
      Keywords:   Sticky ball   Brand Name:   OEM
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      7 days sample order lead time:   7 days
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      500   Freight:
      Express, sea, railway
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    About Sticky ball


    Sticky ball is a new toy that will excite parents and children alike. A toy is a small ball with a sticky surface. When the ball is pressed, the sticky surface sticks to whatever it touches. This allows for endless fun possibilities.


    Sticky balls are becoming more and more popular as children's toys because they are not only fun, but also educational. These balls are made of sticky material and are difficult to remove. This teaches the kids to be patient as they have to work hard to get the ball off the stick.


    Sticky ball


    There are many benefits of using a Sticky ball, such as:


    - It can be used for many purposes.


    - Easy to clean.


    - It is durable.


    - It does not require any special care or attention.