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Table tennis set

Product model:HP-220431



Material:Wooden, wood +rubber

Brand name:OEM


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      Product model:   HP-220431   Size:   42*27*17cm
      Color:   /   Port:   Ningbo
      Material:   Wooden, wood +rubber   Place of Origin:   China
      Other educational Toys   Customized:   OEM
      Keywords:   Table tennis set    Brand Name:   OEM
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    About Table tennis set


    Table tennis is a quick and easy game to learn, and there are many benefits to playing table tennis. Table tennis sets can give players an advantage because they provide a stable platform for hitting the ball. The table tennis set also has built-in dampers to reduce the noise when hitting the ball.


    Table tennis is a sport suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. This is a very fast-paced game that is physically demanding. One of the main advantages of playing table tennis is that it is a fixed sport. This means you can practice your skills over and over without worrying about losing any game you play.


    Table tennis set


    Table tennis set - With a straight ergonomic design, the handle is like a natural extension of the arm. This racket is characterized by good speed and good control values.


    PREMIUM QUALITY - Each table tennis racket is covered with high-quality linings. 1.2 mm knob ensures good gaming performance and ensures long life.