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Wooden stapler(Dinosaur)

Item No: ES-BTS2008-CE0454

Specification: 5.5*10.5 cm

Material: poplar

Net Weight Product: 82

Packing Way: opp bag and sticker

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  • About China custom Wooden stapler

      Quick Details
      Place of Origin   Zhejiang, China   Weight 82 g
      Model Number   ES-BTS2008-CE0454  Specification  poplar
      Size   5.5*10.5 cm  Package Way  opp bag and sticker
      Packaging & Delivery
      Sample order lead time   15 days   Trade terms  FOB
      MOQ   2000   Freight   /
      Payment terms   T/T    Export port   Ningbo

    China custom Wooden stapler

    China custom Wooden stapler


    China custom Wooden stapler

    China custom Wooden stapler

    China custom Wooden stapler

    China custom Wooden stapler

    China custom Wooden stapler

    China custom Wooden stapler

    China custom Wooden stapler


    Market prospects of China custom Wooden stapler:


    The traditional stapler that people use to bind documents has a history of many years. It puts metal staples strongly on paper products and combines two different materials together, which feels uncomfortable and will rust over time. In addition, traditional staplers are easily scratched by the staples on the back of the paper; or when recycling paper, the staples must be pulled out with great effort; or they forget to pull out the staples and stuff the paper into the back of the shredder. The big trouble of difficult machine maintenance.


    The new generation of environmentally friendly China custom Wooden stapler solves all annoying troubles and injuries for you.


    The new generation of environmental protection China custom Wooden stapler is composed of plastic shell and metal parts. Small and cute, convenient and practical. It does not require staples. It uses the principle of letting the paper "nail" itself, and it can be nailed with just a light press, and it is very easy to use, saving you the trouble of often having "machines" without "nails". This machine has no problem binding general paper, invoices, etc., and is very suitable for binding a small number of documents. Of course, it is more suitable for binding paper that is not very thick. Generally about 10 pages of printing paper.


    Product features of China custom Wooden stapler:


    Eco-friendly stapler is a product designed using the principle of origami. I believe everyone has done origami when they were young. Whether it is folding flowers, folding cranes or folding stars, paper is used to turn paper into a fixed shape. The environmentally friendly staple-free stapler uses a special steel cutting knife in the stapler to punch holes in the paper, and then passes the paper through a special origami structure to penetrate the perforated paper into the inside of the cut. In this way, the fixing effect of the paper is completed, which is environmentally friendly and saves money.


    Product advantages of China custom Wooden stapler


    1. Environmental protection design, fashion pioneer


    2. Fax easily without hurting your hands


    3. A great gift for business meetings and promotional activities!


    4. Easy to use, save time and effort