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babydoll dress without cup

description:bodysuit without cup

Composition: 95% polyamider, 5% cotton for the crotch

Color: Black/White/Pink/Burgundy/Blackish green/Red

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    Babydoll dress without cup | Custom babydoll dress without cup | babydoll dress OEM

    About Babydoll dress without cup


    Babydoll dress without cup is a popular type of underwear with a low cut front and back. The cups are usually replaced by strips of fabric that run along the top of the chest, providing little support. This style is often worn as part of an evening dress, or as an alternative to a traditional bra.


    Babydoll dress without cup is becoming more and more popular. This type of dress gives the illusion of a larger bust and can be more comfortable for women who are uncomfortable wearing bras. Babydoll dress without cup is also available in a variety of styles and colors, there is always one that suits you.


    Babydoll dress without cup


    Wearing a Babydoll dress without cup has many advantages:


    1. It is more comfortable because there is no pressure on your breasts;


    2. It looks sexier because you don't have to worry about bras and straps;


    3. No matter what the weather, you can wear it on any occasion;


    4. A babydoll dress without cup is usually cheaper than a dress with a cup.


    When choosing a dress for a special occasion, many women opt for a dress with cups. However, there are also many women who prefer Babydoll dress without cup. There are several reasons for this to happen. Some women find that not having cups on their clothes makes them look more natural. Additionally, some women find that they experience less discomfort during activities such as dancing or running due to the lack of support provided by bras.