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bra & panty set

description:top & underwear set

Composition: 95% polyamider, 5% cotton for the crotch

Color: Black/Pink/Burgundy/Red

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  • Bra & panty set

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    Bra & panty set | Custom bra & panty set | bra & panty set OEM

    About Bra & panty set


    A bra & panty set is a garment worn by women. It consists of underwear and other underwear. Underwear suits can be made of different materials, including fabrics like cotton and silk, and can come in different styles. Bra & panty sets are often worn in bed, but can also be worn outside the bedroom.


    Underwear is a Bra & panty set with matching panties or bras. They can be purchased as a set or individually. There are different types of underwear such as corsets, lace bras, and teddy bears. Underwear sets may also include petticoats or pajamas. Some people buy underwear sets because they want to have matching underwear to wear under clothes or to sleep in.


    Since underwear is a garment that is both functional and sensual, it is a good choice for both men and women. Wearing underwear has many benefits, including making you feel more confident, and sexier, improving sleep quality, and reducing anxiety. Underwear also sets the tone for the rest of your outfits, so it's important to choose something that complements your figure and personality.


    Bra & panty set


    There are many benefits to wearing a bra & panty set, some of which are as follows:


    1. It can help relieve tension and stress, especially after a long day.


    2. It can help promote better sleep.


    3. It can improve communication and intimacy in interpersonal relationships.