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The pillars of our sustainability strategy

Labor rights

We advocate for fair labor practices and employee rights, ensuring a respectful and equitable workplace.

Prioritizing employee health and safety, we foster a secure and nurturing work environment.

Committed to environmental stewardship, we embrace carbon neutrality and sustainable practices.

We uphold high moral standards, ensuring ethical business practices and corporate integrity.

Implementing advanced management systems, we enhance efficiency and nurtures talent through training.

Corporate sustainability refers to a company’s pursuit of economic profit while fully considering its social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities, with the goal of achieving harmonious development across economic, social, and environmental spheres. To realize sustainable development, MU Group has implemented the following measures:

Carbon neutrality initiative

In pursuit of corporate sustainability and in response to national calls, the Group issued an appeal to all employees on November 4, 2021:
Carbon neutrality means that for every amount of CO₂ emitted by humans each year, equivalent measures must be taken to absorb it, ensuring that CO₂ emissions are equal to the amount absorbed. Before achieving carbon neutrality, there is an interim goal: “By 2030, CO₂ emissions will no longer increase and will gradually decrease after reaching their peak.” This is referred to as “carbon peaking.”

1. Learn about low-carbon knowledge and establish a low-carbon consciousness.
2. Protect resources, save energy, implement garbage classification, and reuse waste.
3. Reduce pollution and noise, and promote the use of clean energy.
4. Focus on environmental sanitation, cherish flora, and maintain ecological balance.

  • Keep lighting in public areas like reception rooms and meeting rooms off during the day, turning them on only when needed and promptly off after use to prevent “always-on” scenarios. Report damaged power equipment to the administrative department for repair.
  • Turn off office equipment such as air conditioners, computers, water dispensers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and TVs when not in use for long periods or after work to reduce standby energy consumption. Set air conditioners to approximately 26°C in summer and 18°C to 20°C in winter for health benefits and energy savings.
  • Eat healthily, take meals as needed, and reduce waste.
  • Consciously adopt water-saving habits, use minimal water flow, shorten usage time, turn off taps immediately, and prevent continuous flow. Group wash clothing to reduce washing frequency.
  • Low-carbon travel is encouraged, suggesting a “1-3-5” travel method: walk for distances under 1 km, cycle for distances under 3 km, and use public transport for distances under 5 km.

Establishing a training system to strengthen employee training

To better address the complexity and uncertainty of the internal and external environment and ensure the sustainable development of the company’s business, the Group established MU Academy in 2013. Looking back on the challenging journey, the academy has nurtured countless industry talents. From the first session of MU Academy from March 3 to March 15, 2013, a total of 2,301 trainees have successfully graduated, cultivating batches of outstanding talents for the company and the industry. Especially in the years 2021-2022, the academy has offered a variety of courses such as advanced research classes, manager classes, Orange Camp, and Focus Camp, conducting 38 training sessions totaling 1,056 hours. The scale and momentum of the academy’s development have grown, marking a decade of hard work, diligence, and cultivation. The tenth anniversary represents a new starting point towards the vision of building a world-class sports-type business school, with MU Academy continuously progressing on this path.

Establishing a social responsibility system

MU Group actively fulfills its social responsibilities as a Ningbo enterprise, focusing on employee welfare, social welfare projects, and philanthropy. The Group offers generous benefits, including social insurance, holiday bonuses, heatstroke prevention fees, marriage/birth gifts, birthday presents, and more. It has established its own welfare fund, the “Dandelion Plan,” organizes annual overseas trips, and offers luxury packages for employees who have been with the company for five or ten years. Additional perks include office afternoon tea, a happiness shuttle bus, taxi fare reimbursement for late work nights, and early leave before holidays—all to ensure every MU member feels the warmth of “home.”

Strengthening supply chain management to enhance product quality and safety

MU Group has established long-term stable cooperative relationships with suppliers to jointly promote sustainable development. In supply chain management, we prioritize suppliers that meet environmental standards and encourage them to provide eco-friendly products and services. We also enhance the management of product quality and safety to ensure compliance with national and industry standards and requirements. By offering high-quality, safe, and reliable products, we gain the trust and support of our customers.

Corporate sustainable development is a comprehensive task that requires us to consider and coordinate economic, social, and environmental aspects. MU Group is committed to contributing to society’s sustainable development, achieving a unity of economic, social, and environmental benefits.

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